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Tropical Storm Nate
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From the team at and We have excessive rain 24 hours, blocked roads because in the mountains there to much rain falling. We can not leave Monteverde. All Costa Rica is under water.
Many flood disasters predict a possible cyclone in the Caribbean that will hit us until next Friday.
* National Hurricane Center NOAA *
* Last Minute Cyclone Warning for the Republic of Panama and Costa Rica *
* WARNING * pay close attention to this information: at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time), NOAA warns of the formation of a tropical depression very close to the Caribbean coast of Panama with an 80% chance of becoming a hurricane . There is a 90% probability of the formation of a cyclone, in less than 48 hours, very close to the Caribbean coast of Panama. Satellite imagery and surface observations indicate that a large area of ​​low pressure has formed over the southwestern Caribbean. The environmental conditions seem to be oriented to the development of this system, which could evolve towards a tropical depression and later Hurricane in the next days.

The low pressure system off the Panamanian Caribbean coastline already has vorticity or rotation and could even enter the next 72 hours inland. If it evolves into tropical storm it would be called Nate or, Ophelia. To take precautions for winds of more than 120 km per hour, it is recommended to protect houses and evacuation in the coasts from Darien to the Coast of Costa Rica, winds will reach the Panamanian Pacific side, from Las Perlas Archipelago to Punta Burica, strongly recommended take precautions, boats near the Panama Canal at both ends remain anchored or deviated. Torrential rains are expected with winds up to 120 kms per hour for 72 continuous hours.

Tenemos excesiva lluvia 24 horas, caminos bloqueados porque la montaña a se está cayendo por tanta agua. No podemos salir de Monteverde. Todo Costa Rica está bajo el agua.
Muchos desastres por inundaciones y pronostican un posible ciclón en el Caribe y que nos golpeará hasta el próximo viernes.
*National Hurricane Center NOAA*
*Ultima Hora advertencia de Ciclón para la República de Panama y Costa Rica*
*ADVERTENCIA* prestarle mucha atención a esta información: a las 8 : 00 pm (hora estándar del Este), la NOAA advierte de la formación de una depresión tropical muy próxima a la costa caribeña de Panamá con 80% de probabilidades de convertirse en Huracán. Hay un 90 % de probabilidad de la formación de un ciclón, en menos de 48 horas, muy próximo al litoral Caribe de Panamá. Las imágenes satelitales y observaciones superficiales indican que una extensa área de baja presión se ha formado dobre el suroeste del Caribe. Las condiciones ambientales parecen orientarse al desarrollo de este sistema, el cual podría evolucionar hacia una depresión tropical y posterior Huracán en los próximos días.

El sistema de baja presión frente al litoral Caribe panameño ya tiene vorticidad o rotación y podría incluso incursionar en las próximas 72 horas tierra adentro. Si evoluciona a tormenta tropical pasaría a llamarse Nate o bien, Ophelia. Tomar precauciones por vientos de mas de 120 Kms. por hora, se recomienda protección de casas y evacuación en las costas desde Darien hasta las Costas de Costa Rica, vientos alcanzaran el lado Pacifico Panameño, desde Archipiélago Las Perlas hasta Punta Burica, se recomienda fuertemente tomar precauciones necesarias, embarcaciones próximas al Canal de Panamá en ambos extremos mantenerse ancladas o desviarse. Se esperan lluvias torrenciales con vientos de hasta 120 kms por hora por 72 horas continuas.

Common Spanish Phrases
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Even though Spanish is the primary language in Costa Rica, English comes in second along the South Pacific Coast because of the large population of Americans and Europeans. You may also hear the local “Tico’s” speak in vostros. As with any foreign country, you should familiarize yourself with their language because you will come across people who do not understand yours!

Top 12 Surprises
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  • When arriving in Costa Rica you will go through immigration, collect your bags, and then pass through customs before you exit the terminal. If you have any food (including fruits, vegetables, etc.) or substances which can be sniffed by dogs, you will be stopped. Declare food or get rid of it before you arrive.


  • Costa Rica is in the Central Standard Time Zone but does NOT observe daylight savings time so the time difference is an additional hour April through October.

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