Common Spanish Phrases
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Even though Spanish is the primary language in Costa Rica, English comes in second along the South Pacific Coast because of the large population of Americans and Europeans. You may also hear the local “Tico’s” speak in vostros. As with any foreign country, you should familiarize yourself with their language because you will come across people who do not understand yours!

Please note that all smart phones have translation apps, but here is a list of key spanish words and phrases commonly used in Costa Rica.

Hello – Hola

Goodbye – Adios

Good morning – buenos dias

Good afternoon – buenos tardes

Good night – buenos noches

Excuse me – con permiso

How are you? – Como esta or come le va?

My name is РMe llamo…

What is your name – Como se llama usted?

See you soon – Hasta pronto

Fine, thank you – Bien gracias

Pleased to meet you – mucho gusto

Do you speak english – habla ingles?

I don’t speak spanish – no hablo espanol

I don’t understand – no entiendo

I am from – Soy de (city/State)

I want – yo quiero

I need – yo necesito

I have – yo tengo

I am tired – estoy cansado

I am thirsty – yo tengo sed

I am hungry – yo tengo hambre

Where is – Donde esta

The bathroom – el bano

The airport – el aeropuerto

The taxi – estan los taxis

The bank – el banco

The restaurant – el restaurante

The beach – la playa

The pharmacy – la farmacia

The hospital – hospital

Information center – centro de informacion

How much does it cost? – Cuanto cuesta or cuanto vale?

Thank you – gracias

You’re welcome – de nada or con gusto

Here – aqui

There – alli

What – que

Where – donde

When – cuando

Why – por que

Please – por favor

This – esto

That – eso

Today – hoy

Tomorrow – manana

Yesterday – ayer

I am sorry – disculpe

And – y

Good – bueno

Bad – malo

Breakfast – desayuno

Lunch – almuerzo

Dinner – cena

Bar – bar

Food/groceries – supermercado

Bakery – panaderia

Automobile – coche

Gas Station – bomba

One – uno

Two – dos

Three – tres

Four – cuatro

Five – cinco

Six – seis

Seven- siete

Eight – ocho

Nine – nueve

Ten – diez

Right – derecho

Straight ahead – dercha

Left – izquierda

Tico/Tica – Costa Rican (male/female)

Mae – Dude

Pura Vida – Pure Life – The Costa Rican expression of happiness or satisfaction!

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