Hurricane Season 2016
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For the team at EcoCostaRicaTravel, safety of our Eco Friendly travelers is the highest priority and we believe knowledge and awareness are the path to a wonderful and safe trip. If you are traveling to Costa Rica in hurricane season, both Pacific and Atlantic (Pacific hurricane season begins on May 15 and Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1), we have very good news for you. Unlike most destinations in this general area, Costa Rica is considered a Hurricane-Free Zone. In the last 100 years, only Hurricane Cesar and Hurricane Mitch (1996 and 1998) have traveled all the way across the Central American landmass.
Costa Rica almost always gets wonderful heavy rains from the hurricanes that form in the Atlantic and rarely on the Pacific side. However, as you can see from the NOAA maps, the storm itself does not hit Costa Rica.

We are sharing maps of hurricane paths of the past 100 years from NOAA and links for even more information

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