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Today I want to share what I have learned. To multiply the great love that I have for nature and to be a beacon, a seed of intrigue for all others that share this beautiful addiction. At the very least, I would like to share what has been given to me, the reason why we have come to this world, so that we can all grow in the same love.

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I was born in a simple country home. My parents are a couple of humble people, orphaned very early on. They had no other choice but to marry when they were still children because they had no one else but each other. They had many children, we all wore clothes that were handed down from sibling to sibling. We lived with dirt as our floor and on several nights, would go to bed without a meal. The few times that we could eat were due to the fact that we lived in a rural setting that allowed us to hunt and make a meal out of any animal that we could find. Even though we sought resort in this, my father always taught us: Never hurt any animal for sport or just to hurt it. This planet and world do not belong to men, God has provided all for the good of mankind, we are temporary and we are just its managers.

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This part of my life has been a great lesson. It taught me to take care of the environment and to feel united with it. It taught me that nature does not need man to exist, on the contrary, it is us who need its ecosystem in order to survive. It is nature that is our only life source. It isn’t dollars and oil that put meals on our table, they never have. Without water, food, sunlight and oxygen, we are nothing. Human beings, created perfect in God’s image, think we are right about everything and that this world is our realm. In our effort to build the biggest cities and to progress in our technology, we have affected our world’s very survival. First-world countries feel pride in what they have come to achieve, in how they have set up their concrete jungles instead of the natural ones that existed there before. They have separated themselves so far from nature that any other species is a threat to our existence. Nature has become something that causes fear in citizens when it only hides beauty and marvels. When people travel to more remote places of the world they do so with fear because media and communications have spread that even the tiniest butterfly is our deadliest foe.


I am not against being prepared, but being prepared and being fearful are two different things. We must understand that every species is important; trees provide fruits, they are homes to other animals and provide oxygen for all species in the world to survive. Its flowers produce pollen that are transported by bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other animals that carry these seeds across the land. Amphibians and reptiles help us control plague. The circle of life is created perfect and its balance has been affected by us, to the point where we have accelerated global warming. With double standards we talk about recycling to numb the pain. Recycling is a business and it was created with two purposes: create more garbage while creating the sense that there is less garbage. The reality is that we should REDUCE, REUSE and only after these two are in place, recycle. Water bottles are the most common example, people would rather purchase 20 water bottles to use daily, than purchase once and reuse it every day.

I am from Costa Rica, a place gifted with multiple ecosystems in a very small landmass, a place exuberant in fauna, flora and water. A country affected by pollution as many, but with a unique feeling that we reflect on every day, that calls us to action with a beautiful landscape in our view that opens our eyes and makes us feel lucky to be surrounded and powered by the energy that only nature can provide.


In conclusion, we should not focus on how we must fix the world, but to truly understand that we are but a small part of this world; we are not the owners or masters but a part of the mountains, part of the forests, part of the water springs. We are one with nature, when we can embrace this, we will really protect what is invaluable to us. We will finally understand that protecting the world and all its properties, is protecting ourselves.

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Glondi Tica

Well said my brother!!!

3 years ago | Reply
Linda Stuart

As we rode our bikes across Central America it surprised us the level of respect and concern Costa RIcans felt for the environment. The air was so much cleaner that other countries, and the landscape’s beauty was never marred by trash. We loved visiting Wilbeth’s Cloud Forest Lodge and walking the trails of the property. It is an experience we will never forget.

3 years ago | Reply

Profound words well said!

3 years ago | Reply
N Seabold

Beautiful. Use less. Have more nature to enjoy. The meek shall inherit the earth? Will there be a mother earth if ego and fear rule? Is it… “Here, all we had to do was enjoy it and use it gratefully.” Wait… Its not too late. We can do this!!

3 years ago | Reply

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