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Costa Rica is renowned for its species and ecosystem diversity. Approximately 500,000 species live in
Costa Rica which represents between 5 and 7% of the total species estimated worldwide. Some of these
species can only be found in Costa Rica.

Over a quarter of the country is protected as a national park or reserve. That percentage is increasing as
a result of ecotourism and research. Costa Rica is invested in the future.

Enjoy a guided bird watching excursion or kayak along Lake Arenal and observe the marine and land
wildlife. Head to the unique Osa Peninsula to see an abundance of jungle life.

Explore the Green Turtle Research Station located near the protected breeding area for the endangered
Atlantic green sea turtles. This stretch of protected Caribbean beach is also the nesting site for
leatherbacks, loggerheads and hawksbill turtles.

There are roughly 200 volcanoes in Costa Rica, many remaining active and fascinating to explore. Hike to
the foot of an active volcano. Several craters of the Irazu volcano are lined with brilliantly colored rain fed mineral pools.

Check out waterfalls and the hanging bridges of Costa Rica. There is even a Rain Forest Aerial Tram
located approximately one hour from San José.

Eco Tours can be found to accommodate large or small groups of all ages.

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