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Fun and Random Facts about Costa Rica
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I could literally go on and on listing fun little tidbits about how cool Costa Rica is. Below are a few fun facts I’ve discovered, but the best part about vacationing here is being able to discover things like this on your own!


  • Did you know that Costa Rica is home to more than 130 species of freshwater fish, 160 species of amphibians, 208 species of mammals, 220 species of reptiles, 850 species of birds, 1,000 species of butterflies, 1,200 varieties of orchids, 9,000 species of plants, and 750,000 species of insects? These amount to more than 5% of the worlds biodiversity and there are a great number of species only found here.
  • Costa Rica has the highest life expectancy in the world. People live an average of 77 years here! No wonder people love it! It is one of the happiest countries on Earth!
  • You might see Tico’s carrying around machetes! But have no fear, it’s a commonly used purpose tool amongst the locals.
  • If you’re listening to the radio early enough, you’ll hear the national anthem. At 7am every morning, all the Costa Rican radio stations will play it, and some even again in the evening.
  • What is commonly referred to nowadays as a speed bump, is called “son muertes.” The English translation for that? Dead People, yikes!
  • Costa Rica in English means “Rich Beach.” Dubbed this name because of the 800 miles of coastline it is home to.
  • Coffee and Banana’s are the countries 2 main agricultural exports.
  • About 25% of Costa Rica is protected by National Parks and Reserves.
  • You can find fast food chains such as Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King and even Einsteins Bagels. Some of them even deliver!
  • At precisely 2:00pm everyday, it rains. For at least 2 hours.
  • Since its constitutional abolishment in 1949, Costa Rica became one of the few countries in the world without an army.
  • Hydro Power is one of the most important natural resources in the country.
  • Rice and beans are incorporated into almost every meal you are served.
  • Costa Rican men refer to themselves as “Tico’s” and the women are called “Tica’s.” Foreign men and women are generally referred to as “Gringo” and “Gringa. “
  • There are more than 120 volcanic formations in Costa Rica. However, only 7 remain active at this time. Arenal is considered to be one of the 10 most active volcanoes in the world.
  • Try to learn their language. They will greatly appreciate your efforts if you try and speak to them in Spanish. Many of them do speak Spanish.
  • Costa Rican’s love tourists and the questions they ask. Take interest in them and feel free to strike up a conversation! They are extremely friendly and laid back. They love to joke and have a great time.
  • The highest point in Costa Rica is Chirripo Mountain reaching a peak of 12,500 feet. It’s lowest point is 790 feet below sea level in the caves of the Barra Honda National Park.
  • Over 25% of Costa Rica’s landmass is protected by National Parks.