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UBER IS A SMARTPHONE APPLICATION (“APP”) that connects people looking for a ride with people with automobiles who are willing to transport them.

The San Francisco based, extremely successful company that is both loved and is notorious is now open for business in Costa Rica.

  • Uber has faced opposition in almost every city where it has opened for business. It would seem they launch their business in each new locale and ask later for forgiveness and not prior permission. This tactic has lead to many lawsuits, licensing issues, protests, and some destruction of property and violence in many of the cities and countries where they are operating or attempting to operate their business.

  • Costa Rica, being a country that is dependent on tourism dollars, Euros, Pounds… already has a very strong infrastructure and licensing system for businesses that provide transportation.
    The purpose is clear: to ensure that drivers meet the country’s high standards for safety and familiarity with the rules of the road.

  • President Solis of Costa Rica has warned Uber that he has instructed the transit police to be on the lookout for unlicensed vehicles and drivers who maybe providing Uber service.

  • These drivers could lose their licenses to drive in Costa Rica and forfeit their vehicle licenses as well.

  • Now from my driving experience in Costa Rica in both renting a vehicle, renting a driver with a vehicle, taxicab and just general getting around in Costa Rica, I have developed a great respect for the licensed taxi and driver services.

  • These people are industrious and hard-working and fiercely and rightfully protective of the license process.

  • If there were a problem with a licensed driver, there is recourse through the licensing system. Uber diminishes the status of licensed drivers for hire and the confidence level of those who need drivers for hire in Costa Rica.

  • All that being said, it is possible that Uber will find its market in Costa Rica as time goes on. We will just have to wait and see.

  • President Solis although normally welcome mean of foreign investment in Costa Rica his disapproval of Uber was called out by Otto Guevara leader of the Libertarian Movement in Costa Rica.

  • On the eve of Uber’s launch, Guevara announced that he planned to sign up as an Uber driver and put his privately owned vehicle to work, I would guess mostly as a display of defiance President Solis stated that he does not think Legislator Guevara would be immune from being cited and fined by Transit Police officers if they catch him operating an Uber car.

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