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After a couple of months after being a part of the EcoCostaRicaTravel team, today and for a couple of weeks I’ve had the opportunity to work directly at our Headquarters at Escondido, California.

I will start by saying that I met the team from a distance, joining the company from Colombia. They have always been 100% receptive to the feedback that I had for the different areas of improvement, and were very considerate of the things that entailed working from a different country. That being said, I had no idea that I would come to find a family in such a diverse team.

Escondido is gorgeous, like a dry mountain range that was swallowed by the pacific several million years ago. Full of wildlife, scenery that vary from small mining towns and livestock ranches, to the pacific coastline beaches, piers and multi million dollar homes.

The view from the office is unlike anywhere I’ve worked at. Coming from the city where my view is usually gray days and endless office buildings in Bogota.

View from HQ
View from HQ

The team is conformed of very dedicated people with a very unique and contagious passion for Ecology. They have a heightened awareness for the current state that our planet is in and how they can minimize their footprint on it. I am a toddler in this aspect but my eyes have been opened and I am absolutely eager to learn and apply this.

EcoCostaRicaTravel is about having this same conscience and understanding that it is not a limitation, but a way of life. It is understanding the world we live in and what we as humans can do to minimize the effect we drive. It is about knowing that this consciousness does not limit the traveling that we can do, nor the fun we can have. Moreover, knowing that luxury is not the inverse of Eco or Sustainable, but that it can go hand in hand. At the end of the day, I feel better about it. Are you ready to feel the same way?  

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