Adventure Tours

Whether your idea of "adventure" is rafting a wild scenic tropical river or enjoying a nature walk; there is an adventure tour just for you. Decide if you are interested in a "Do-It-Yourself" option or if you prefer a guided tour. You may even combine a bit of both. Costa Rica offers such diversity in things to do and see. Depending on the length of your stay and amount of territory you can cover; you can enjoy it all.

If you can, spend time at both the beach and in the forest. There are many different beaches to choose from on both the Pacific and the Caribbean sides. To see the cloud forest, the most popular destination is to head to Monteverde. This is also a popular area for zip lining and adventure sports. On the coast you can enjoy any number of activities including surfing (even attend a surfing school) , kayaking and snorkeling with sea turtles. You may want to check out windsurfing, kiteboarding and waterfall rappelling.

Costa Rica has more rivers per square kilometer (approximately 0.62 miles).than many countries in the world. Near Arenal, the three main rivers are the Toro, the Balsa, and the Peñas Blancas. Each river offers a different "style" of rafting. Floating is excellent for animal watching and a challenging plunge through Class III and IV rapids will thrill experienced paddlers.

Canopy tours are available all over the country. In Monteverde you will soar above the lush jungle canopy. Volcan Rincon de la Vieja has more volcanic activity and an abundance of wildlife in the park.

There is opportunity for off-road mountain biking, hang gliding, paragliding & ballooning as well as bungee jumping.

Some the best ziplining is found in Costa Rica. If you are a ziplining enthusiast, Costa Rica will not disappoint. You will find a zipline in all regions of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has everything an adventure traveller is looking for- beaches, rainforests, mountains, volcanoes and diverse wildlife.