Clothing requirements for each area of the country vary by climate zones. Most first time visitors to Costa Rica believe they are going to the rain forests or beaches. You will certainly see them, but Costa Rica offers so much more. There are nearly 40 different climate zones in Costa Rica, however, depending upon where you are traveling, you will need to pack at most for four; Cloud Forests, Beach areas, Rain Forests and/or Dry Forests (Seco). In the Monte Verde/Santa Elena area for instance, there are eleven different zones.

  • Along with Tshirts, be sure to pack some long sleeve shirts to protect against sunburn and for hiking. Light allcotton pieces are good choices.

  • Pack quickdrying garments (shorts, pants). Sports and outdoor clothing that are designed to breathe and dry fast work well.

  • Bring along a pair or two of dressier cotton shorts or a tropical weight casual skirt, a few long pants, again a casual pair (for the hiking) and maybe one that is a bit less sporty.

  • Comfortable hiking/walking shoes; Water friendly hiking/walking shoes; Beach sandals or flipflops

  • A lightweight raincoat, poncho, windbreaker. A jacket, for higher elevations or on the ocean

  • Costa Rica is located only ten degrees north of the equator. Hat and sunscreen are a must.

  • Swimsuits and a sarong (or other beach coverup). A sarong is a good choice as it can also be used as a towel and will dry much quicker than a towel. It rolls up easily and doesn't weigh much or take up much room in your pack.

  • Socks can get soggy due to tropical precipitation, bring a few extra pair.

  • Plastic bagsZiplock bags of various sizes to protect things from humidity or rain. Be sure to put tags on the inside and outside of your bags.