Why EcoCostaRicaTravel?

There are plenty of travel websites and several that even target regions of the world or specific countries. But for us, Costa Rica holds a special appeal, as other portions of this website will attest. Just as importantly, we wanted to emphasize and promote those venues that have demonstrated a commitment to sustainable living and ecologically friendly business practices.

Our goal is to promote the retention of the Costa Rican, or Tico, culture and lifestyle by highlighting for our eco-travelers those venues that encourage visitors to immerse themselves in the flavor and richness of local living. The Biodiversity in Costa Rica is unmatched on this globe. Costa Rica represents less than .01 percent of the planet's land mass and is home to 5 percent of the planet's species, both plant and animal. It has 5 to 7 percent of the total world's biodiversity. Less than an eighth of the territory endures in its wild state with dry tropical forests, savannas, high mountain cloud forests and wet tropical rainforests.

In order for a lodging establishment or other tourism vendor to be included on our web pages, it must meet a minimum criteria that, for us, identifies it as an ECO-friendly establishment. These vendors have made the effort to disturb the natural beauty and balance of Costa Rica as little as possible and, in fact, are proactively involved in replenishing the environment.

Rural communities can benefit financially from their close proximity to wildlife through ECO tourism, which is why Eco Costa Rica Travel is involved with the development of sustainable tourism initiatives. Ecotourism lodges, Small Hotels, private homes and youth hostels make significant positive contributions to both the local community and preservation of their beautiful environment.

Join us and be part of the solution!